Friday, February 13, 2009

Denny Clifford Case Study

Describe the communication barriers operating in this case. Suggest strategies for circumventing or eliminating those barriers.
Denny and Cynthia have clear communication barriers. Both have different objectives. Both need to work together. Cynthia’s teaching philosophy needs to be clarified. Denny needs to clarify what he does not understand. Denny needs to research Cynthia’s constructive approach in regards to teaching and learning. He can also observe Cynthia in her teaching environment. Regardless, to have effective communication, both have to simplify language. Both Denny and Cynthia must keep it simple and easy to understand. Both need to ask questions and give answers. This will make the conversation richer and more interesting.

Describe how the identified resources can be repurposed to address specific ID needs.

The biggest challenge is learning the client’s philosophy. He has to become familiar with what the client wants. This will result in the development of the correct instructional strategies. To become familiar, he can read Cynthia’s articles, contact the 24 teachers who have completed Cynthia’s workshops, and interview them to have a better understanding of the teachers’ expectations. He can watch the videotapes of teachers engaging their students in problem-solving activities. He can read the grant proposal and ask questions. Denny could offer an approach after completing his homework. After finding objectives in Cynthia’s article, he can propose a plan of action. Cynthia can provide her feedback and or revisions. In addition, Cynthia would have listed objectives for Denny. A joint effort will result in the best solution.

What type of media, delivery mode, and instructional techniques might be appropriate for this content, audience, and client? Justify your recommendations. I would create a website, similar to Web CT with interactive activities, chat and resources. Web blogs can also be a good solution for Cynthia. The key to success is making the content accessible for everyone involved. An interactive website can provide many opportunities. People who have a demanding schedule and work specific hours can access the website at their convenience. This would be a great solution due to the fact that Cynthia did not want to host workshops and hold individual meetings. Everyone could have access and participate through an online workshop.

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