Friday, February 13, 2009

Notes on Robert Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction

Robert Gagne is considered to be the foremost contributor to the systematic approach to instructional design and training. Gagne and his followers are known as behaviorists, and their focus is on the behaviors that result from training. Most effective training programs have a "performance" focus, incorporating design and media that facilitate retention. In addition to media, Gagne has implemented the nine events of instruction to enhance retention. Applying Gagne's nine-step model to any training program is the best way to ensure an effective learning program session.

1: Gain attention!

Giving learners a stimulus to ensure reception of coming instruction

2: Inform learners of the objectives

Telling learners what they will be able to do for the instruction

3: Build on prior knowledge

Asking for recall of existing relevant knowledge

4: Present the stimulus

Displaying the content

5: Providing learners guidance

Supplying organization and relevance to enhance understanding

6. Eliciting performance

Asking learners to respond, demonstrating learning

7. Providing Feedback

Giving immediate feedback on learner's performance.

8. Assessing performance

Providing feedback to learners more performance for reinforcement

9. Enhancing retention and transfer

Providing diverse practice to generalize the capability

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